learn the secret method of how you can change your name on Roblox for free in 2020 without losing 1000 robux. Yes, my dear friend it is possible.

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The Roblox is essentially an online platform for gaming and gaming creation system which enables the users to program and design games as well as play the various games that have been created by different users.

If you are a user at Roblox or have created a new account recently and discovered that you have either miss pelt your name or for some reason want to change the name then it is entirely possible to do so freely without losing 1000 of the robux. There is an efficient and working way of changing the name on Roblox without costing you 1000 robux.

There are two different sets of people who wish to change their name on Roblox: One who have a new account and who haven’t explored much or racked up their activity and the others are those who have an old account and they have completed significant activity or work on their account.

Different approach needs to be adopted for the different sets of people. First we will see how you can achieve the target of changing the name on an account that is relatively new and which hasn’t been explored much.

Changing name on the Roblox for new accounts

If you want to change the name on your relatively newer account then:

  • First step is logging out of the existing account of Roblox.
  • Then you must create a new email id that you would be using with Roblox.
  • Now simply go ahead and create an all new Roblox account with the desired name and username that you wish to have.

While you might rightly think that is not changing the name on your existing account and while that might be true, this is the most effective way of achieving the end goal of having your desired name on Roblox, without any significant loss of data as the account is relatively new and you haven’t explored a lot. While you are doing this, you must also consider cancelling or deactivating your old account if it is possible to do so.

You shouldn’t be wasting your robux on trivial stuff like changing the name of the account etc. instead you save the robux for more important activities and investment. If you are ready and prepared for sacrificing your account only then you must consider this method. As we have been saying when you choose this method you won’t be able to import the data from the old account into the new one. So think it thoroughly and determine if there is any data which is important to you. If there is then this method is absolutely not for you.

Changing name on the Roblox for old accounts without losing progress and data

If you have an old account on Roblox and you have made significant progress in terms of work or activity on the account then you must try the following steps for changing account name without having to use your precious robux.

You must contact Roblox support through email and make a request to them that you want to change the name on your Roblox account. You can find multiple threads, resources and online where the users have claimed that they were successfully able to change their Roblox names without spending any robux through the official staff of the company by providing them with genuine and convincing reasons. It is obvious that the staff at Roblox will check all the details of your account to establish the validity of your request before proceeding and granting you your wish of changing the name on the account.

If you sending an email to the Roblox staff then [email protected] is the email id where you should send your request. If you want to contact the professionals at Roblox then you can use this link https://www.roblox.com/support and fill in the contact form available there.

There was one user who claimed that he successfully got this Roblox account name changed as the company staff told him that he was a old user and thus was a part of the Roblox community since the last 7 years which means he had the necessary reputation for them to grant his request of changing the name. Your account doesn’t necessarily need to be 7 years old, even if you have somewhat older account and you have a genuine reason for changing the name then it is possible that the staff at Roblox will grant you your request of changing the name.

Since there is precedence of the Roblox staff allowing the users to change their name it gives belief that you might also be granted your wish in a similar manner. There are two important things to consider here. One is you must communicate transparently and in a polite manner with the staff of the company to get your point across. The second thing is you must provide a valid and genuine reason for changing the name on the account so that you can convince them to allow you to change the name without requiring to invest 1000 robux.

How to Change Your Name on Roblox? A Free Guide

If you want to change the name on your Roblox account by following the standard official procedure provided by the company then it is pretty simple and straight-forward. However here it is important to note that when you use this method you will need to spend 1000 robux for successfully completing process of name changing.

Now let us have a look at the steps that you need to follow for changing the name via the standard process.

  • You must login to your existing roblox account by entering your username and password that you are currently using.
  • Then at the top right of the dashboard for Roblox you will find that there is settings option, symbolized by picture of gear. Go ahead and click on it which will take you to the settings page of your account.Login-and-Go-to-Your-Roblox-Account-Settings
  • Here in the information section of the account you will be able to see the existing or current username and the password (hidden) which you are currently using.
  • You must now click on the edit option that is visible in front of the username so that are able to edit the name on Roblox.Click-on-Edit-Icon-To-Change-Your-Roblox-Name
  • Just in case if your account on Roblox has not been verified via email then you will be asked to verify the email id before proceeding ahead.Verify-Your-Email-or-Phone-Number-to-Change-Name
  • You will be sent a mail for verifying the email id associated with it. You could also choose to verify the phone number if needed. Once you have verified the email id you can go ahead and change the username on Roblox. You can also choose to reset the Roblox password if you wish to change it. It is important that you must keep the password safe and it is important that must now share the password with anyone which increases the risk of your account being compromised.Now-Change-Your-Roblox-User-Name
  • As we mentioned above using this standard process will require you to spend 1000 robux but don’t worry we got you covered 😉 here by using free robux codes generator generate as much as robux money you want.

Spending this much of your hard earned robux on a simple thing like changing the account name is really trivial and unnecessary. A lot of the users have complained about spending this excessive amount of robux on such a simple thing as changing the name on the account.

However if you want to change the name on the Roblox for free without spending the precious robux then you should try one of the above methods that we have listed. Those methods work a lot of the time and it is definitely worth trying when you want to change the account name instead of spending 1k robux through standard method.


So we can conclude from the different methods as well as processes and information available online on the internet that we can change the name on the Roblox account free. An important thing to note here is that the methods that we have mentioned do actually work and it not spam or any sort of scam to dupe the users.

However if you want to change the account name on the Roblox through standard procedure without spending robux then it is impossible to do so. You have to pay the required fees of 1000 robux if you wish to change the name on the account by following the official and standard procedure provided by the company.

Keeping this in mind the better alternative is to simply cancel the old account and create a new Roblox account with your desired username and password. This method is ideal for those users who have just created a new Roblox account and who haven’t made a lot of progress or amassed a lot of activity on their respective accounts.

Since you are now aware regarding the different scenarios and possibilities of changing the Roblox account name you must share this information with your friends and acquaintances so that everyone gets the benefit of the required knowledge of changing name on Roblox.

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